Whilst on a mission to free a home router from the shackles that is propriety firmware, this patient modder manage to brick his TP-Link WR740N.

When trying to create a stable wireless bridge, the WR740N was not very stable. So he decided to install OpenWRT, opening it up to new features.

Whilst flashing different builds disaster struck and the router was bricked.

arduino-TP-Link-WR740NAt this stage there was nothing to lose by taking apart and working on a plan B.

By connecting pins on the router’s main board via serial connection to an Arduino Uno, he was able to communicate with the router using the serial commands.

The reason my router bricked was because the firmware was too big for the flash and it won’t fit, so It was stuck at U-Boot while deflating the kernel.

Continue below to read the full project and how a TP-Link WR740N was restored from a bricked state –

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  • Steve Goldman

    Very helpful guide, used it on two routers I thought were dead!