InspectorBots design, develop and sell industrial robotic platforms. There robots work in various industries, including building inspection, law enforcement and other industrial applications.

Super Mega Bot Arduino The robots travel into situations that would be deemed unsafe or inaccessible to humans. These rugged off-road UGV’s come in various shapes, sizes and have different capabilities.

The machine we are focusing on in this post is the Super Mega Bot. There are two models available, the standard Mega Bot and the Super Mega Bot. It’s controlled through Arduino, and uses open source programming.

It is a heavy-duty, all-terrain, 4WD robotic platform, for indoor or outdoor use. It is remotely operated, and more components and equipment are available, for user customisation.

Super Mega Bot JumpingThe platform is relatively affordable, for most companies budget, with the standard model costing $7990, and the Super model priced at $9990.

This mobile platform includes high-torque motors, rechargeable batteries and is powerful enough to pull a car and carry a man. Possible applications include, bomb threat, hazmat inspection, rescue, tactical or Industrial applications.

The SMB has, 4 wheel drive with a maximum speed of 15 MPH (higher speeds available for a price). It is invertible, so if you flip it, it will continue driving.

Super Mega Bot RacingAn impressive towing capability of 3000 lbs is available, with a payload cap of 250 lbs. It has super turf tires, and can achieve a ground clearance of 5.5″.

There is so much more included in the standard specs of the platform and the video will act as a fill in for those I have left out.

There is also much more available to customise your SMB but it will cost you. You want bullet proof tyres? $600 please. Or how about Solar panels, that’ll be $800, cha-ching!

It really is something to behold though, and if you get the chance take a look at their other bots featured on their website, link below.

Source: InspectorBots

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