Helicopters and quadcopters are very popular among makers, and they come in different shapes and sizes. This one, however, is the daddy!

first manned multicopterThe Volocopter, also known as VC200, features a massive circular frame packing 18 electrically driven rotors, and took its maiden flight on Sunday 17 November 2013.

It is the first Volocopter in the world able to carry two people, and was engineered by German company e-volo.

E-volo were responsible for the first manned multicopter a couple of years ago, albeit slightly less refined than their newest offering.

It was essentially a rubber exercise ball with some helicopter blades attached to it, but it proved that these sorts of creations are able to carry  passengers.

Eventually e-volo want the VC200  capable of achieving around an hours flight, with speeds of 54Knots.

Currently it is still in its infancy, with around 20 minutes the longest time it can stay airborne, and it’s not about to break any records for speed either. However, if you watch the video again, (whilst playing ‘The Imperial March” from Star Wars) you can forgive it for its lack of pace.

VC200_vorne_nahFollowing extensive and elaborate simulations, held at the University of Stuttgart, they are overjoyed at the discovery that it performed with a noise level that was lower than even they had expected.

Not only is the VC200 possibly the quietest and most environmentally friendly helicopter, it also claims to be the safest.

E-volo claim that pilot error, responsible for a large number of helicopter accidents, is nearly impossible. The pilot only controls the direction of the flight, everything else is handled by computers and sensors.

They aim for the VC200 to be the most reliable ‘copter as well, and during its 2 year development, they insisted, on principle, it had to be the safest air sports equipment in the world. It has been developed in such a way, that even if there’s a failure of multiple components, the VC200 is still able to perform a safe landing.

“Thus almost all the problems of conventional helicopters are solved.”

As far as safety, concerning battery power,  the Volocopter keeps a 50 percent power reserve, making a safe landing possible.

Recently it completed its air worthiness test, gaining its certificate in the process. This means that the team at e-volo can now turn their attention to their next goal…production. E-volo don’t want you to call it just a ‘helicopter’ though, and that’s understandable. We think ‘huge’ and ‘genius’ would probably be better choices.

Source: e-volo

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