We all know how this ends…

With the help of a Raspberry PI, a brave guy has trusted his garage doors to Siri.

Siri is a digital personal assistant that comes installed on the latest Apple iPhone and iPad (Older versions too if you Jailbreak). By simply speaking to your phone, Siri listens to your voice and responds with (hopefully) a relevant response. I regularly use Siri and the Google alternative (Google now) to check my local weather forecast.

Siri-garage-door---hardwareThe maker in the video below has taken Siri to another level. Using a proxy call ‘Siriproxy’, he is able to catch the siri commands and use them to control real-life objects. His Siri proxy setup is installed on Linux and running on his Raspberry PI. The Raspberry PI of course has a relay connected which when activated triggers his garage door to open.

Now a simple request to Siri like ‘open the garage door’ will opens the garage door –

Now of course there are easier ways to open the doors like a key fob, but this is far more creative and using a Raspberry Pi could extend to many other things…

Of course those of you who have seen ‘2001 a space odyssey’ will already know, but if you decide try this and find it’s not always perfect, don’t let Siri know you are thinking of going back to a key fob!

If you would like to have a go at this or just curious to understand more, I recommend you have a read at the makers post –

Via Geek.com, and Raspberry PI

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