PI in space (Almost)

A small team of enthusiasts from the UK have sent a Raspberry Pi up into earths upper atmosphere. Using a high altitude weather balloon they sent it up to just short of 40km (24 miles) high.

During the accent and decent, their PIE1 payload sent a live images and telemetry back to the team on the ground.

This sort of project has been done many times before, but normally a much lighter payload is used. For example an Arduino for tracking and location with a small camera, but this method means the images taken are stored on an SD card and cannot be seen until the payload as descended and been retrieved.

Pie1-payloadWhat makes this project special is that they sent a more powerful computer with the ability to connect a webcam and to send live images during it’s journey.

Of course this means that more power is required for the faster computer and radio kit for the video feed. With more power requirements comes a bigger battery and an increase of overall weight.

Here you can see the footage as the balloon reaches its peak altitude and starts it’s decent –

This is an inspiring project and I really recommend you continue to their blog to read more about this fascinating project –

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