Using a thermal printer, an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi these two makers have produced something great!

With the quick press of a button the Arduino is sending poems to the thermal printer. Inspired by this, another maker went on to produce a similar device, but this time taking it a step further by using a Raspberry PI!

The original Arduino version by Blog My Wiki!

And now for the enhanced Raspberry PI version by Geek Gurl

The original article by Blog My Wiki using Arduino –

The re-imagined version by Geek Gurl using a Raspberry PI –

And the Blog my wiki follow-up (With a Raspberry PI) –

I like this so much I think GeekBoy may have a go!

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  • Portia Burton

    Haha, who says that the humanities and the STEM subjects are sworn enemies. A fine example of poetry and ports playing nice with each other.