Rapid prototyping in 10 minutes

We produced a circuit board for a home automation project based on Arduino. The video shows the isolation milling using a CNC 3020, Drilling, and assembly. Just over 2.5 hours work in 10 minutes!

To see more about the project continue to our project page –

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  • zuki

    Hi Steven,

    Your pcb prototype using CNC looks good to me.

    I’ve a plan to buy mini CNC ( like yours) from china but I’m new to this type of CNC.

    If you dont mind, can you share where you bought this CNC or URL and the specs of your CNC … ie :

    1. The size of CNC ie 300x400x50mm ?
    2. Spindle power n spindle speed ?
    3. Size of round shaft for X,Y,Z axis
    4. Size or code for Ball screw for X,Y,Z axis … ie 2510,1605 or 1204 etc ?
    5. Resolution or accuracy of CNC when used for making PCB ?
    6. Can your CNC do small PCB track that can go through between pins of IC ie 28pin IC ?
    7. Can your CNC make a PCB track n SMT IC footprint .. ie 44pin IC TQFP ?

    Hope you dont mind to answer my questions and please guide me ( if you have), how to buy good mini CNC ie good specs and good supplier to chose from.

    Thanks n best regards