Printrbot are known for their affordable and straightforward 3D printer designs, and are continually evolving their machines to provide quality and practicality at a fraction of the cost of comparable machines on the market. The recent release of the all metal Simple is yet another step forward in a growing market and a bid to stay relevant.

xyz-cncNow the company are deviating slightly from the 3D printing path, but are, nonetheless, keeping their feet firmly within the Maker community.

Printrbot founder and CEO Brook Drumm was at the Makercon event recently, and revealed a beta version of an upcoming Printrbot CNC router.

The CNC is primarily aimed at beginner CNC’ers, but is more than adequate a machine for the more experienced maker. It can cut wood, aluminium and plastic, and Brooke boasts that it is capable of “respectable speeds”.

He went on to say that this is a project that he’s wanted to do for a long time, and that low-cost and simplicity are just as important as is with the 3D printers they manufacture.

cnc-softwareThe actual price of the CNC is still to be announced, so whether it is low-cost in the eyes of the consumer is yet to be revealed.

The final machine will be built of folded and machined metal, with a TinyG motor control board communicating to NEMA 23 Stepper motors, which move a Makita router across the bed.

The software to control the router is web-based and has been built from scratch. It’s run via a WiFi enabled Raspberry Pi so it is possible to connect wirelessly to an iPad or other smart device (not confirmed).

From there you can use the custom software to draw a design directly, or import a design into the library. There is no need for additional CAD/CAM or other similar design software.

The CNC router is expected to be available this Autumn, in the meantime check out Makezine’s interview with Brooke Drumm, and a little snippet of the prototype in action.

Via: Makezine.com
Source: Printrbot.com

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  • Rick Lionheart

    The audio on that video is probably the worst I have ever heard. Truly unintelligible.