If you are a fan of the old gaming consoles like the Super Nintendo, NES or Sega, and have set up a Raspberry Pi to play your favourite classics, you may be interested in a crowd funding campaign currently running on Kickstarter. The campaign is to raise funds to produce a console to protect and house your Raspberry Pi, and to provide user’s with a touch of nostalgia.

pi-gamer-kickstarter-buttonThe console, named the Pi Gamer is based on an existing design housed in an old Super Nintendo case, but has evolved to resemble a classic gaming system shell with a cleaner modern look. It will also be a lot smaller and discreet due to the credit-size-like dimensions of the RPi. The Pi gamer creator had this to say about his creation:

“This is where it all started – We wanted to play old video games with the ease of new technology. We also wanted to have a decorative device that functioned smoothly. Putting the Raspberry Pi based emulator inside the Super Nintendo housing brought outstanding reaction from friends and family.”

“When we told them we can make them something similar they were turned off when we told them what the bare bone Raspberry Pi would look like under their TV.  Based on their reaction we knew a consumer end, family friendly, mass appealing device needed to be dressed up.”

The campaign has already smashed through its target goal of $2,800, currently standing at a staggering $20,619 with 14 days left to go. If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these neat little cases, and for more information then follow the link above. Watch the video for a glimpse of what’s on offer.

Source: Kickstarter

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  • Barmonster

    I don’t get it…if I already have a RasPi all set up for retro-gaming,
    then why should I spend additional money on this project? At this state I
    have to spend at least $85 to get a RasPi (wich I already have), the
    Software (wich I already have) and a “retro shell” wich hasn’t even a
    finalized design by now.
    People who already have their Raspi set up
    for retro-gaming and want it to look nice, should just go to
    thingiverse, look for the nice NES-style RasPi shell and send it to
    This project ist aimed at people who don’t know, what a RasPi is and don’t have the knowledge to set up RetroPie themselves.