According to the last time I checked, I am indeed a man, and as a man, It is my duty to drink beer, which is handy considering it’s something I tend to do well. Often I am left with a substantial amount of empty cans and left facing the dilemma of what to do with them.

As a man, I lack the ability to carry out ‘housework’. The usual amusement I get from empty beer cans is to stand them up and play a game of ‘Ten Beer Bowling’ using a pair of socks as the bowling ball. However, this is becoming quite repetitive now so I turned to Google in trying to find something a bit more creative and stumbled upon an idea to combine a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino board and some empty cans to create a Beer Can Keyboard.

TheBeerKeyboard5‘Robofun’ were asked to create a unique for people attending the Webstock event in Bucharest to enter a competition run by one of the events sponsors, Staropramen, in which participants could win a trip to Prague.

So they came up with a keyboard made of 44 Staropramen beer cans.

Each beer can was a key, and when someone touched it, the corresponding letter would seem on a large screen in the much the same way as it would using a normal keyboard.

The system is built around an Arduino board and a few capacitive controllers, connected to a Raspberry PI board which controls the plasma screen display.

Check out the video!  I’m off to drink beer.