The new Kickstarter campaign 1Sheeld is exactly that……..One shield. It sits on your Arduino board in the same way as other shields do, utilising an app that manages the communication between the shield and a smartphone. The app allows the user to choose between a host of the many shields available.

1ShieldThink of the 1Sheeld as a wireless go-between, feeding data between your Arduino and smartphone.

The result of this means you can use 1Sheeld as either an input or an output for the Arduino, making use of all the sensors and peripherals already available on your smartphone instead of having to buy separate shields.

The shield was developed by a company called INTEGREIGHT (intergr8). Intergreight formed over a year ago by 8 engineers whose mission it was to empower the maker community.

With initial funding from FLAT6LABS, Integreight are doing just that, by proposing creative solutions within the electronics industry, their 1Sheeld being one of the results.

With this in mind, they made the 1Sheeld as simple and flexible as possible. Their aim being, to enable everyone, regardless of skill level, to use it.

It all sounds very promising, and surely makes it more inviting for even more people to get involved in the maker community, and this can only be a good thing. It gets better too, as they are making their Kickstarter project open-source hardware and software, so that everyone can modify it and add to it.

1Shield RobotIf you don’t fancy contributing toward their Kickstarter goal, then that’s ok too, as the documentation and specifications will also be published, so anyone can make their own shield and put it on the 1Sheeld app for free.

With the price of 1Sheeld, which will be under $50, you have access to unlimited shields for free and the ability to develop complex applications with only 1 line of code.

This sounds very appealing, especially as other shields such as a GPS shield, Wi-Fi shield, GSM Shield could end up costing more than $200. You could end up saving a substantial amount of money that you could put towards your project.

Intergreight say that every single application done by Arduino shields is possible using 1Sheeld, and much, much more!

1Sheeld Android App

Their Arduino library will feature the same interface as the original Arduino libraries, meaning that all of your old applications can move over to the 1Sheeld with minimal changes.

Some of the potential uses include Home Automation, controlling a Quadcoptor, monitor for feeding your plants, wireless keypad for unlocking your doors, and it also allows for easy and cheap prototyping.

For now the Sheeld smartphone app is only available for Android devices.

Here is a quick run-down of the technical specifications1sheeld-board-magnifier

  • It uses a standard HC-06 adapter (Bluetooth 2.0)
  • Has a range up to 30 feet
  • Runs on an ATmega162
  • Has a 16 MHz operating frequency
  • Uses a modified version of the Firmata protocol
  • Can communicate with Arduino using UART
  • Has a 50mA current draw

Source: Kickstarter

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