Thanks to open source and a creative maker community, rarely a day goes by without seeing someones latest invention and thinking “that’s cool”. In this next case, it was more like, “Wow, that’s awesome!”

Now that 3D printing technology is becoming affordable, the limits are truly within your imagination.

InMoov-head-and-eyesGael Langevin is someone who has used his imagination to create the InMoov humanoid robot. A life-sized animatronic robot that replicates human movement and reacts to voice commands.

Designed as open source and to be built with just a basic 3D printer, the build to date cost under $1000 to make. The assembly is said to be no more difficult that assembling Ikea furniture.

So far it is very much a work in progress, with regular updates at each step. The InMoov now has a head, neck, shoulders and arms, but even at this stage you cannot help but notice similarities to the robot from the movie iRobot. It’s a really great start!

The video below demonstrates it’s range of movement and voice recognition capability –

His project promotes the spirit of open source, being designed with Blender, using the java service framework MyRobotLab and utilising Arduino for the electronics, all of which are open source. His project and work is being made available to download for free via his website and Thingiverse.

Whilst this is one mans dream, his project will inspire other makers to build upon his work, improve it and take it to the next level.

To follow Gael and his InMoov project visit his blog –

Thanks to Francisco for the tip ;)


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