We couldn’t visit Maker Faire NYC without going to see a presentation by the Arduino project co-founder Massimo Banzi. Massimo is at Maker Faire to give a talk (“The State of Arduino”) about what’s next for the open-source microcontroller, Arduino.

Massimo BanziAs well as touching upon recent projects like Arduino Robot, which is readily available now, and the Arduino YUN, Massimo went on to discuss their collaboration with Temboo, and how the YUN is using Temboo to easily connect with web-based resources and services.

The company describes their product as:

“Temboo is a scalable, fault-tolerant environment for running and managing smart code snippets that we call Choreos. Choreos can call APIs, simplify the OAuth process, send email messages, perform encoding, update databases, and lots more.”

Arduino At HeartOne of the most interesting parts of the talk, was the introduction of two new logo’s available to the Maker and Open-source communities.

The first logo “Arduino at Heart” is for user’s basing their projects on Arduino but not actually using an Arduino board.

Arduino realise that individuals and companies want to show they are supporting the open-source movement and giving back to Arduino. This logo is a way for them to express that.

DSC02894The second logo, “Arduino Open-Source Community” is for individuals, companies, plus Arduino communities which actively use and support Arduino’s products within their project’s, and wish to make it clear that they are doing so.

The logo is customisable so you can incorporate your own brand on it, and there is potential, if you talk to Arduino before using the logo, for possible support from them in backing your project.

DSC02912Massimo also announced that a new look website will be launched in a couple of weeks, that will be a lot more readable, with more ability for users to share projects.

Arduino carried out a study previously to determine what kind of people were predominately using their site, and so are making changes to it based on their findings.
We think Banzi’s talk has demonstrated that the Arduino team are listening to the maker community and evolving their strategy in a way that shows they care and can be still relevant. By opening their highly regarded brand to Makers and communities they are embracing the ‘Arduino Compatible’ market and ensuring the Arduino brand continues past their own boards.

For what on face value is a small gesture, it is actually very good business sense and we’re sure it will be welcomed by the community!

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