Created primarily for the maker movement by Infinite Corridor Technology, the LIMBERboard is a flexible and stretchable, programmable microcontroller board. It is an open source board based on Arduino using the ATMega168, which makes it compatible with many existing projects. However, as a platform for building wearable projects is where it comes into its own.

Strain Relief FeatureWith the rapid growth in the field of wearable technology, the team at ICT came up with geometric, hinge-like links or “strain relief features”, so their boards can bend and fit snugly on the human body.

The patent pending design can accommodate for the constant stresses and strains of the human body without the wearer worrying about loss of connectivity or components breaking off through repetitive movement.

“ICT circuit boards are fabricated using all conventional circuit board manufacturing processes and materials, and are specially designed for each application. We will work with you to ensure your circuit board meets any design criterion, including stretchability (in one, two, or multiple directions), flexibility, and ability to conform (internally or externally) to any surface.”


After collaborations with defence, medical and fashion accessories industries, ICT wanted to contribute to the open source movement and so came the LIMBERboard.


Perfect for projects such as health monitors, activity monitors, impact detectors and much, much more, it is also capable of supporting mobile projects with on-board Bluetooth support.

Limberboard on wrist

The market-ready LIMBERboard will also feature a mini-USB port for programming, an ATMega168 microprocessor, 3-axis accelerometer, lithium-ion battery and the ability to flex, fold and twist more than 120,000 times while maintaining full functionality. The board is programmable using the Arduino environment.
You can view the LIMBERboard in all it’s glory on Dragon Innovation, as the ITC is currently seeking crowd-funding support to enable them to make the open source project available to the maker community.
How would you use your LIMBERboard?

Via: Dragon Innovation
Source: Infinate Corridor Technology

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  • Myself248

    Patent-pending? Find your own funding. I’ll back it when the design is Open Source Hardware (OSHWA-compliant license).