Meet the KindleBerry Pi

Kindle 3This mod came from a desire to minimise the tech gear one traveler had to take whilst traveling. He wanted to take his Raspberry PI with him and since he already had a Kindle, had the interesting idea to use it as a display.

I think we can all relate to his situation, since over the last 10 years an increase of gadgets are now integrated into our lives. The wish to reduce or replace them with smaller alternatives is often a consideration. When travelling this is especially true!

In this mod, the Kindle is a version 3 which has a 6″ e-paper display and is a perfect size for basic tasks. The goal was to use the Kindle as a display connected to the Raspberry PI, however the solution takes a slightly different approach.


First of all, this requires you have a Kindle version 3 and are ready to jailbreak it. Of course there is always a risk of damaging the device with jailbreaking, so be careful…

The Kindle is connecting to the Raspberry PI via USB, using it as a network interface.

A keyboard is also connected via USB to the Raspberry PI for text input.

A SSH terminal connection is then made between the Kindle and the Raspberry PI. The result is full access to the Raspberry PI via a terminal environment.

Now for some this is far from a perfect solution for a display, but for those who can manage with terminal commands it provides an interesting alternative to a full display.

This could be especially useful for headless setups where the Raspberry PI works without a display.

After all the effort he ended-up taking a laptop, however all is not lost since he was kind enough to share all the hard work with the online community!

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