Here is an older project that brings the sparkle back to your older Arduino. Guino is an Arduino dashboard that provides a real-time two-way interface in an attractive way.

It’s was created as an Instructables project by Mads Hobye, an Interaction designer from Denmark.

Guino Arduino DashboardIt communicates with the board using the serial port, which is often the easiest method real-time information. This said although effective for beginners it’s not the most friendly way to work, but this is where Guino excels!

Now we said it uses two-way communication and it does this in a really effective way, as you will see in the video, the graph shows you outputs in the as a waveform much like an oscilloscope, but you can also control inputs directly from the interface. Switches and sliders are easily achieved with just a few lines of code!

All the configuration of the dashboard is done within the Arduino sketch, so by simply connecting your board and clicking ‘Connect’, Guino understands what should be displayed based on what it’s told from the Arduino program. Even the application colour can changed.

Parameters that are set via the interface can be saved directly to the Arduino’s EEProm meaning that the next time the board is powered up it can resume based on the previous settings.

The interface runs on Windows and Mac OS X, but he says it could be ported to other platforms.

With boards like the Beaglebone Black and Raspberry PI, the question in mind is probably why would do this with an older Arduino?  Well we should keep in mind that this excels when we need to see inside the circuit when prototyping.

The Guino dashboard simplifies this process makes the realisation of a project that little easier. Regardless of the board it’s something many of us have to do.

The source code and libraries have been made available via the Instructables page, so if you fancy using this in your next project continue to Instructables

Source: Instructables

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