arduino-logoThe team at Arduino have just announced their latest product, one which goes a long way to keep the brand relevant.

It’s an official GSM shield, which works with the majority of their Arduino development boards.

The key advantage of this is the formal introduction GSM communication which allows an Arduino board to connect to the internet, make/receive voice calls and send/receive SMS messages.

With little more than this an Arduino board and a sim card, your next project would be connected to the internet enabling it to communicate remotely. Projects such as remote monitoring, weather stations and radio control would benefit from this.
As you can see, this opens up Arduino to new projects using remote communications. Of course this technology is far from new and other solutions have been available for a while.

What makes this interesting is that anyone, even with limited electronics or programming experience can take advantage. The barriers to convert ideas into a real creations are being lowered once again.

They say to make / receive calls you just need to connect a speaker, or to send an SMS you could use a sensor to trigger it to be sent.

Priced at €69, they are not for every project. But it’s an amazing price when you consider what benefits it adds to your projects.

Here’s an introduction to the new Arduino GSM Shield –
So, after seeing this will you use one in your next project? Perhaps you will send your Arduino on a balloon to near space and track it…(Whatever you do, we would love to hear about it).

Source: Arduino Blog

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  • deva

    dear sir

    i wish too inform that the easy access gagat is more help full.how can i buy those one

  • http://mlleassorti.blogspot.fr/2011/05/give-away-oleeej.html?m=1 you could try this out

    There’s a few samples in the gallery below: the flash was helpful when nabbing some stills on a darkly lit street and the farmacia on line by Pfizer.

  • joshua

    Hello, pls how will i make my GSM shield connect to the internet, and receive the possible result on my computer.