Imgur user mxmIn23 has taken an old vintage radio, stripped it back, gutted it and retrofitted it with “Pi Musicbox”. The results are pretty nice, with an old 50’s style look mixed with a healthy dose of the modern world.

There are various apps available that speak the MPD protocol.

There are various apps available that speak the MPD protocol.

Pi Musicbox is basically a Raspberry Pi that has been programmed to play internet radio.

So if you have an old radio you’ve held on to for nostalgic reasons, or have picked one up because you like the look, but can’t get it working, then this project is perfect for you.

MxmIn23 decided to go with the free Linux distribution Pi MusicBox because it can offer you standalone Spotify, Google Music, and SoundCloud music player.

You can easily control it with a browser interface or with an MPD-client. It also supports Web radio, AirTunes, and can play music files from SD, USB, network plus much more.

He has shared all the steps to his build on Imgur, and has added a link for the Pi MusicBox software, requirements and installation details so you can get on with retrofitting your own vintage music player.

We love projects like this! It is a great weekend project, relatively easy to do, and even better, helps to recycle old electronic gear. There’s not much you can do about the electronics that don’t work, but it’s a start, and you end up with a really cool looking bit of kit.

Source: Imgur

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