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Digispark-close-upBack in September we wrote a review of the Digispark, the mini Arduino compatible development board that enjoyed huge success on the crowd sourced funding site Kickstarter. It shot past it’s funding goal to reach 6,264% funding!

Since then we kept in touch with it’s creator Erik Kettenburg from DigiStump and it’s clear he’s been a busy guy, his latest creation must have been in the works long before the we saw the DigiSpark…

Meet the DigiX

After the success of the Digispark, Erik promised to start work on a bigger board with much more power than it’s predecessor. The DigiX has a little in common with the Digispark besides Arduino compatibility. Previously the goal was small and low power, now it’s bigger with enough capability for even the most ambitious projects.


Once again Erik has taken his newest board to Kickstarter and at the time of writing has already exceeded it’s funding goal of $50k –

DigiX – The ultimate Arduino compatible board with WiFi!

With a price of just $59, this board is a beast!  It boasts 99 I/O ports yet maintains compatibility for shields of Arduino UNO and Due/Mega.

Lets see how it compares with the competition –


To me it seems it’s target audience is enthusiasts of Internet of things. With it’s wireless capability this would make an ideal hub for sharing remote sensor data to the web from other devices. Of course since it has 99 I/O pins, its questionable if other devices would be needed.

Saying this, it’s hard to imagine ever looking at another Arduino based board, since this offers the best capabilities of all existing boards. For someone taking their first steps towards electronics this may seem an intimidating place to start but financially it’s an obvious choice, this has it all!

Take a look at the specification break down:

  • Arduino compatible board
  • 84 MHz Clock Speed
  • 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor
  • 96KB SRAM
  • 512KB Flash
  • 99 Input / Output pins
  • Integrated WIFI (b/g/n)
  • On-board NRF24L01+ RF module – Wireless mesh capable
  • Real-time clock
  • Audio Output socket
  • USB host/OTG (On the go)
  • 1A @ 3.3V and 1A @ 5V Available (when powered at 5V+)

Depending on the final funding the finished board could come with the following additional treats:

  • $75,000 – On-board EEPROM
  • $100,000 – On-board MicroSD Card Slot

This is defiantly an exciting board with endless possibilities. With such vast capabilities and the user friendly Arduino IDE its never been a better time to start making things with electronics!

Continue to Kickstarter to get in on the action –
DigiX – The ultimate Arduino compatible board with WiFi!

What will you make? Stay tuned for the GeekBoy review of the DigiX!

Source: Kickstarter

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