We all love the phenomenon of persistence of vision (POV), but a POV Death Star!……….be still my heart! The POV Globe, as it is called, is part of a project by the School of Electronic & Electrical Engineering at the University of Leeds, UK.

POV Globe Close UpAs well as giving the illusion of a miniature Death Star, the globe can be programmed to project many different images using a raspberry Pi that is mounted in the centre of a transparent sphere. The Raspberry Pi sends signals to a ring of RGB LEDs that are rotated at high-speed (300 rpm).

Because of the speed of rotation and the Raspberry Pi’s ability to change the colours of the LEDs very quickly, our brains interpret the projection of light on the surface of the sphere as a solid image. The whole thing can be controlled wirelessly via an iPad.

Due to the popularity of this project, the team behind it have pulled together a simple wordpress blog to show off their creation and give details on the process behind it.

Source: povglobe.wordpress.com

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