A CT scanner shares very similar components to an X-ray machine. The key difference is that instead of taking single images from the same position, a CT scanner takes many images from different angles.

When these images are complied together using 3D imaging software, a true 3D image of the x-rayed object is made. Such 3D images allow doctors to peer inside the human body in an non-intrusive way.

CT-scanner-chickenSoon after making his DIY X-ray backscatter imager, Ben Kransnow realised with few extra parts he could make a CT scanner. By adding a stepper motor to rotate a target object (Frozen Chicken) and 3D Slicer softwareBen took 45 images of a Chicken to create a 3D model of the Chicken.

This is a slightly different approach to a traditional CT scanner, since the scanner usually rotates around the patient. In this case the CT scanner remains static and the Chicken is rotated.

The CT scanner was made with an X-ray tube bought from eBay, hooked-up to an Arduino.

YouTube via TechHive

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