DJ Sures, founder and CEO of EZ-Robot is taking the difficulty out of building robots. He has come up with an innovative robotics platform using modular components called EZ-Bits. These parts use click-and-play technology to help you create your perfect robot.

EZ-Robot RoliThe system uses software called EZ-builder, and includes an app store called EZ-Cloud. EZ-Cloud is full of community created apps, all including step-by-step instructions in 3D.

EZ-builder software also includes hundreds of features to enable you to give your robot its own personality.

There is the ability to control your robot from an iOS and android device, using EZ-Builder Mobile. It enables you to browse the EZ-Cloud app store using your mobile, and load new robots and personalities.

EZ-Robot JDIn addition, you can use the EZ-Builder software to: Create animations with your robot using the auto positioner. Add speech recognition, glyph recognition, colour detection, face tracking. Utilise joysticks, Wii controllers and much more.

How about using EZ-Builder to create your own app, or change an existing one? Then just add it to EZ-Cloud and it will instantly become a mobile application.

There is the option to buy more parts for your robot at the EZ-Robot online store. All parts are high quality, injection moulded, durable plastic, which will ensure a long life for your robot.


If you own a 3D printer, EZ-Builder supports 3D printing of every EZ-Bit. If you have an idea for a new EZ-Bit, the EZ-Builder software includes an EZ-Bit designer. Add it to the cloud library and share it with the world.

EZ-Builder does not need any previous programming experience, as it uses visual design interface to control your robot creations. However, for those who do have programming experience, there is the EZ-SDK, which uses Visual Studio.Net C# or Visual Basic via bluetooth to control your robot from your laptop or PC.

EZ-Robot HexapodThe EZ-B Robot Controller is powered by the powerful 120mhz 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 Processor. It is also a reliable, creative platform, that can be used for rapid prototyping ideas and concepts.

You may prefer to make your own custom robot. This is entirely possible as the platform is scalable to accommodate your needs. EZ-Robot’s product controls many third-party robot platforms, or enables you to create your very own robot buddy from scratch.

Below are several photos taken from the EZ-Community, of custom robots built by members using the EZ-Robot Platform.



Source: EZ-Robot

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  • n c

    Even if the ezb were arduino shield compatible (which it is not) it wouldn’t do you and good since you can not load your own software on the ezb. I have confirmed this via support emails. If they did provide you with a way to do that this would be a home run. For now you are limited to off board control from your PC via the .net sdk if you want to program your robot.

    If they would change their minds it would make this system really attractive to hackers because the ezb has pretty much every interface one would want and also does video streaming .

  • Jemerill

    They have come a long way from when I first came across them, however I would still prefer to go with my arduino based robot. I just have more control and I feel more accomplished when I use an arduino.