How many of you think it would be cool to have an industrial robot arm on your desk?.. Well…now you can! UFactory based in Shenzhen China, have created and Kickstarted the uArm, an Arduino-controlled desktop 4 axis parallel-mechanism robot arm.

The robot’s inspired by the ABB PalletPack industrial robot arm, a high-speed robotic palletiser. The arm parts are laser cut acrylic or wood, and the movement’s powered by typical RC hobby servo’s.

ABB PalletPack

uArm and the ABB PalletPack

Its controlled by an Arduino-compatible board, and is very stable due to the parallel-mechanism, causing most of the mass concentrated on the base. This design detail means the upper arm can react really fast.

You can customise the uArm to fit your requirements, and potential customisation’s could include:

uArm Open SourceAdding a LED to make a computer controlled desk lamp. Incorporating a mobile robot chassis, and make it fetch you things. Or maybe get a little assembly line going on, on your desktop.

There is a windows application available so you can control your uArm with a keyboard or mouse, but you can use pretty much any input device to control it.

An Android and IOS app are in development, so bluetooth will be available to control your arm. Alternatively, UFactory have written an Arduino library so you can easily program it directly with Arduino IDE.

The robot arm’s featured on Kickstarter at the moment, and has already blown its target goal out of the water! Once the Kickstarter campaign has ended, the uArm will be completely open-sourced, with all design files, hardware and software’s targeted release for May, 2014.

There are various pledge deals available, with more applications and extensions available the more you pay. It could be a great gift to get people started with robotics, or equally could just make a really cool looking desk decoration. Check it out, link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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