If you haven’t already, then you must check out this website. The website is Odd Guitars, and they design and produce customisable, 3D printed guitars. The company was founded by design engineer Olaf Diegel, who is a professor of Mechatronics at the Massey University in Aukland, New Zealand.

3D Printing processOlaf has a passion for 3D printing and wanted to push the boundaries of what was achievable using 3D printing technologies and applications.

He knew he could create designs that could not be manufactured through traditional means. However, these were not designs that could be created on just any 3D printer.

Selective Laser Sintering is the 3D technology used to create these fabulous instruments.

The process begins by spreading a 0.1mm layer of nylon powder, which is then fused in the correct locations for that particular part. That layer is then dropped slightly, and another layer of powder is added on top of the first.

3D Printed guitar constructionThis process is repeated until the outer body is built. The rest of the build uses more traditional materials and processes to complete the product, using a wooden inner-core to join the guitar bridge to the neck.

Mahogany or maple are used for the inner-core and neck, with ebony or rosewood for the fret board. Choice of wood can affect the overall sound of the guitar.

Below is a video of Nadav Tabak, playing a selection of different styles and showcasing a few of the guitar designs available.

Guitars are available through Cubify, or you can work directly with Olaf Diegel himself to customise your guitar or bass.

Source: ODD Guitars

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